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Nicole Cronin Yoga

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Nicole Cronin is a a force to be reckoned with, on and off the mat. After a serious car incident that left her with a broken back, she found herself with only one choice: to accept and find peace in knowing that every opportunity is a chance to learn something new. Certified in Vinyaha and Hatha yoga, Nicole teaches yoga in San Francisco to help others drop into the moment, embrace the present and let go of external stressors, even if only for 90 minutes. We worked with Nicole to let her bold personality shine with a full brand suite to power her practice.







Allie is incredibly easy to work with. She's intuitive, has a great sense of design and seems to effortlessly draw out her client's individual sense of style - translating it beautifully into digital form. Plus, she's always quick to respond. I just love her!

- Nicole Cronin