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knockout branding + web design


It's not just about knockout design, it's about telling your story in a way that makes a knockout first impression. With your ideas and a fresh look, we'll bring your brand to life with a responsive, SEO packed Squarespace site that's easy to control, all on your own.

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Allie Fornesi | Owner + Lead Designer

Knockout.design was founded in 2013 to help small businesses make a big impact. With a unique approach, Allie's creative edge and background in brand marketing helped develop her skills in graphic design, branding, print & digital over the last 10 years to bring the best of brands to life.

Knockout.design is a modern design studio based in Marin County, California supported by a curated network of designers, photographers, developers and creatives to meet project needs.



Sam Kraus | Branding, Web + Graphic Designer

Sam Kraus is a designer of most things; branding, apparel, furniture, you name it he has either tried it or thought about it. Sam comes to us from Marine Layer where he spent the last two years as the senior men's designer for this fast-growing SF based apparel brand. Before that, Sam founded a brand development company focused on simple functional design and aesthetic. If Sam had to describe himself, he would say that he is an all-around Renaissance Man; he is just as comfortable grilling meat at the summer beach bbq as he is baking a three layer GF flourless chocolate cake for his girlfriend's birthday, rowing a boat as he is building a boat, drinking whiskey as he is making.... well you get the idea. Needless to say, Sam loves design through and through and is a Bay Area native.